A sign that my approach to weight loss is changing

July 27, 2011

Last weekend was not good diet-wise. As my readers know, I’m doing the low-carb thing, specifically Atkins. We had company, and I was tired from the week and not looking forward to cooking one thing for our guests and eating something else myself. I didn’t go hog-wild and eat more than I needed, but what I ate was not good.

But when Monday came around, something amazing happened. I got back on the bandwagon without another thought. I didn’t kick or berate myself for the lapse; I just got back on the horse and kept going.

Why does this simple thing merit its own article on this site? Because it’s a sign that my approach to losing weight is changing, in a good way. In the past, I would have allowed such a cheat to derail my entire body of progress. I would have reasoned, Well, I blew it. That’s it. Might as well have some Oreos and a Coke. And there certainly is no sense exercising now.

I put the kibosh to the negativity party, and I’m proud of myself. It was just a momentary lapse. I should have had a couple carbs to satisfy the craving and then stopped, but I didn’t. So … you know what? Carbs happen. I am still figuring out my relationship with food and why I turn to it like … like a … well, like an unsupervised 46-year-old woman to a plate of baked spaghetti. It’s complicated.

It’s only reasonable to expect I’m going to make bad choices from time to time and have mini-binges. Maybe even maxi-binges. But I have to get over it quickly and move on. I’m realizing that writing off a whole day, week, or month because of a wrong turn is completely counterproductive. I mean, I knew that before, in my head—of course it’s counterproductive—and it seems silly that any of us reason otherwise. But we humans are silly sometimes. We don’t get it.

After I got back on track, I felt better and haven’t backslid anymore this week. I even felt thin on Monday, and my clothes have been feeling a little looser. I can guarantee that if I’d allowed my old thinking to dictate my actions, the last few days would have been extremely discouraging. Instead, I get to feel good about myself in spite of my temporary insanity.

Which is a very good thing.

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