About this site

February 21, 2011

I often say things like “I’m on a diet and exercise kick.” I need to stop that. It needs to be more than a kick; it needs to become my lifestyle.

I’ve wasted far too many years losing and finding that same 20-30 pounds. I need to lose a good 70+, once and for all.

Do-over #1,537

As you might have guessed, I’m trying public accountability this time with this site. But even that isn’t new. I had a blog similar to this one several years ago (this one is wayyyy better, though), in which I invited people to follow my progress as the months went by. Well, anyone who read it eventually figured out that I didn’t stick with it, because after I while I stopped posting updates and eventually took the site down. Pretty pathetic.

So how dare I write a blog about diet and exercise motivation when I have failed repeatedly to reach my goal weight, both privately and publicly?

Well, I have succeeded in losing weight many times. In fact, about 22 years ago I lost every pound I wanted to and then some, a total of 60 pounds at the time. My problem, obviously, is that I can’t keep it off. I won’t be giving much advice in that department until I can successfully avoid regaining lost weight. But I do have lots of tips and tricks to help you (and me) get in shape in the first place.

I have to make it permanent this time. It’s beginning to affect my health more profoundly than I’d like to admit. And it certainly affects my self-confidence, my energy level, and my mood. Drastically, in fact.

What can you expect from this site?

I intend to chart my progress here as a way to keep myself motivated. I will also add lots of tips and ways of looking at things that have helped me keep up good eating habits and exercise. On occasion, I will be including links to products that I and others on a weight-loss journey have found useful.

You will find that the site is targeted primarily toward women, simply because I am one and am familiar with the particular challenges we face. However, if you’re a man, the motivational aids and ideas here can apply to you as well, and I hope you won’t hesitate to comment and participate! (I don’t expect you to actually use the word “motivationista,” though; I realize that might be asking too much.) :)

Join me!

So I hope you’ll join me, and I’d love it if you comment freely and often. Also, check out my Facebook page.

We can do it! We HAVE to!