I want … to enjoy summer!

May 15, 2011

I love winter. Where I live, we have 6 months of it, so by mid-February it’s getting pretty old. Still, it’s beautiful, and there are few experiences more pleasant than being inside by a cozy fire while the fat flakes drift down outside.

But I really love spring and summer. I’m never ready for spring weight-wise, though, so I usually spend the warmer months inside too much, wearing too many clothes. Here’s my next goal …

I want to wear shorts and sleeveless tops (gasp! no sleeves?) in the summer and not feel self-conscious. I’m tired of broiling in heavy, shapeless clothes.

Believe me, I know it’s silly for me to be afraid to wear shorts or show my bare arms. Vanity should take a back seat to comfort, right? Well, sometimes I’m not too sensible. And really, nobody wants to see my lily-white cellulite. Including me.

Well, this has got to change. It’s ridiculous. I’m sick of looking longingly at the racks of cute shorts and tanks at the stores. I’ve wasted too many years sitting on the sidelines, so to speak, instead of really getting the most out of the beautiful weather because I am not dressed appropriately or because I don’t feel up to it.

Because, again, this is not just about weight and appearance; it’s also about health and fitness. I love to go hiking and find hidden waterfalls and take photographs, but since I’m out of shape, it’s easier to just sit on the deck and read. Of course, there’s a place for that, too, in my summer plans, no question! But I know I need to be more active, and getting in shape will help fuel my desire to get out and do stuff.

At the very least, I’ll have to work on that lily-white problem…

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