How to enjoy the weight loss process

June 15, 2011

Something that is changing for me is that I’m learning to enjoy the process of losing weight and getting fitter. I used to think “I’ll feel good when I reach my goal.” I mean, goals are important, but I was too focused on the future and not enough on the present, so when the future didn’t come soon enough for me, I would give up.

Now I’ve realized that there are lots of things to be happy about on the way. Until I started participating in weight-loss forums on the Internet, for instance, I had never heard the term SV or NSV (Scale Victory and Non-Scale Victory).

SV is self-explanatory; NSVs can be anything from drinking water instead of buying soda to exercising 5 minutes longer than I did the day before. There are lots of things that happen to us on our weight-loss journey that are reasons for celebration. Maybe we fit into a pair of jeans we haven’t worn in a while. Or someone says to us, “You look like you’ve lost some weight.” Or we simply feel more energetic and get more accomplished during the day.

There’s no reason we can’t make note of and be proud of all these little victories. If you’re having a hard time and are feeling blue about the fact that it’s going to take you many months or even a year or more to reach your goal, try to focus on the now just a little more. Keep the finish line in mind, but try to enjoy the scenery along the way. If you look hard enough, you’ll find things about yourself that are changing for the better, even though it may be slow going.

I like looking back at the calendar at the growing amount of time I’ve been working at this. It’s satisfying to know I haven’t been wasting time wishing I were thinner; I’ve been working toward that goal. The more time that goes by, the closer I’m getting, and the more I enjoy being in this body. It’s like giving my body a figurative pat on the back and saying, “Hey, I know I’ve been hard on you in the past, but I can see you’re really putting effort into this. Good job. Remember those mean things I said about you? I take them back. You’re kind of a cool chick after all.”

These little successes build on each other and result in larger ones. So celebrate them all!

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