I made a conscious decision to cheat

July 12, 2011

Last Friday I took the evening off from Atkins. To any Atkins diehards out there reading this, I’m sorry. I know it was wrong. But I don’t actually regret it. :)

We went out with some friends and I just felt the need to not worry about my diet for one evening. But it wasn’t an impulsive decision. I had several hours to think it over. I weighed my choice carefully, and in the end, I decided to take a break.

I know from reading on the Atkins forums that it’s tough to bounce back from a cheating episode on Atkins because it takes you out of “fat-burning mode,” maybe for several days. And I gave my body lots of carbs to burn instead of fat (pizza and a Triple Chocolic Blizzard from DQ. Yeah, I know. I should be ashamed.)

So I may be sorry on Friday when it’s time to step on the scale, but to be honest, I think I needed a break. It was delicious, we had a good time, and I didn’t spend the rest of the night feeling guilty about it. I got back on the Atkins bandwagon Saturday and have done okay ever since. The splurge didn’t bring back carb cravings, because unlike many Atkins disciples, I have never gotten over my carb cravings in the first place. They’re easier to control than before, but they’re definitely still there.

However, over the weekend, I did experience a flare of my fibromyalgia. I am seriously questioning whether it was the cheating that brought it on. I do believe my flares have been less frequent and not as hard to deal with since I’ve been eating low-carb. So it may be that this one was a direct result of ingesting a relatively insane number of carbs on Friday night. By midnight I was feeling the pain and fatigue.

So that possibility will have to figure into any future decision I make when faced with temptation. It could have been a coincidence, certainly, but I can’t deny the two things could be related.

Just keep in mind that my point in detailing my dietary choices on this blog is not to say, hey, this is how you should do it. I am not a dietitian (never even played one on TV), so I don’t make any claims to know what’s best for my readers. I’m just honestly laying out the facts as I see and experience them, in my own particular situation, and then documenting the results. Your mileage may vary.

I would like to hear your experiences, too, in the comments. Please feel free to confess if you’ve “cheated” as well! And we’ll get back on track together.

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