New fitness regimen, part 2 – MORE WEIGHTS

March 29, 2012

The exercise part of my regimen I’m also going to approach differently than ever before. My plan is to exercise for an hour a day five or six days a week. So far, no change from most of my previous efforts. But in the past I focused 90% of my time on aerobic activity, using a DVD or the elliptical or treadmill. Weight training was a very minor addition to that, and it was hit or miss. I’d do a few lunges, squats, and curls, which was better than nothing but not enough.

This time I’m going to do 30 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill or walking outside when weather permits. The next 30 minutes will be spent on weight training. It seems like the general consensus of the experts is that weight training really should be a higher priority for most women. So I will spend a full half-hour after each cardio workout doing various free weight exercises with my dumbbells. I don’t have a weight machine (no room) or a gym membership (no desire).

weight training

I’ll be alternating days——lower body one day, upper the next, and abs every day——and see what happens. Right now, I’m kind of just doing basic exercises as they occur to me, not in any particular order and not always with a set number of reps in mind. I’m still working on figuring out which exercises are the most effective and essential, and I plan on having a written plan in place soon. I’ll share it here when I do.

Since I’ve never given weight training this much emphasis before, I am looking forward to experiencing the effects of a faster metabolism and stronger muscles. Speaking of muscles, my core specifically, I’m ashamed to admit that I can only do a plank for 20 seconds right now. We’ll see how much I can extend that after doing this for a few months. :)

How big a part does weight training play in your workouts?

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