Progress report #1 – Nutrisystem Fast 5 results

March 12, 2014

I was disappointed, crushed almost, this morning when I discovered that Fast 5 was only Fast 3 for me. I was really sure it was going to be at least 5. I’m not giving up, of course! And I did weigh myself on my clinic’s scale today (I work in the hospital it’s attached to) and it showed a 6-pound difference, although that’s a difference from my home scale original weight, not the clinic scale, so it’s kind of apples and oranges. Nevertheless, I am soldiering on, happy that I at least lost something. I know as time goes on, a 3-pound loss will be a lot.

Enjoyed my first dessert (chocolate cake) on the regular plan this evening. Yum! Had beef stew and a big salad of spinach, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and carrots for supper, which definitely filled me up sufficiently so I won’t be trawling in the kitchen before bed tonight. At least that’s the hope! I do have a few more calories to go if I really need something, though, which is nice to know.

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