Progress report #10

May 14, 2014

So I sort of binged last night, for the first time since I began Nutrisystem on March 5. It didn’t get completely out of control, but I did find myself going back again and again to the chip bag and the brownie pan. I have occasionally had a cheat meal since I began, but this was the first time I had actually binged.

Although not discouraged from continuing overall, I was very disappointed in myself. But then I stopped to think about it and realized that it’s a lot to expect of myself that I wouldn’t have a relapse (or two or three) along the way. Binging was my way of life for many, many years. Those bad habits are ingrained and it will take time to overcome them 100%. So I decided not to be too hard on myself.

It was especially worrying, though, because today is weigh day and I thought I had blown it for sure. Plus there was the fact that I had weighed myself on Thursdays the last two weeks due to being out of town and now I’m back on Wednesdays, so in effect, I only had a 6-day week to lose this time. But there was another small loss on the scale this morning, so I am really pumped and encouraged more than ever to keep going.

See the chart below for my overall progress so far.

DateChangeWeightBMIPlank time
March 5, 2014207.432.625.78
March 12-3.2204.232.1
March 19-3201.231.6
March 26-0.220131.5
April 2-219931.233.53
April 9-1.4197.630.9
April 16+0.6198.231
April 23-2.6195.630.6
April 30-4.4191.229.935.48
May 8-1.4189.829.7
May 14-1.2188.629.5
May 21-1.2187.429.3
May 28-1.2186.229.2
June 4-0.1186.129.1
June 11+1.7187.829.4
June 18-.4187.429.3
June 25-1.4186.029.1
July 2-1.4184.628.9
July 9-1.2183.428.7
July 16+3.2186.629.2

19 pounds – BOOM!!!






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