Progress report #16

June 25, 2014

Things are definitely back on track this week with a 1.4-pound loss. I could be depressed about it, though, and here’s why: I’m only 0.2 pounds lighter than I was 4 weeks ago. Because I had a bad week 2 weeks back and gained almost 2 pounds, I’ve had to get rid of those 2 pounds for the second time, and that has slowed me down. So it’s as if I’ve been experiencing a month-long plateau.

However, I’m NOT depressed about it. I’m choosing not to think that way this time. That kind of negative thinking characterized most of my PREVIOUS attempts at weight loss. Which failed miserably.

This time, I’m focusing on what’s good. And what’s good is that I lost a pound and a half this week. Who cares if it was for the second time? The point is, I’m losing again and that’s all that counts. I’m now back at 21 pounds lost overall, and that’s fantastic. People are noticing and complimenting me and that feels great.

More important, I feel so much better than I did 20 pounds ago! I can’t wait to see how it feels after I’ve dumped 20 MORE pounds. And then 20 more. I have confidence that I will succeed.

Seeing as this is my 16th report, I should have taken my measurements this morning to see what changes are happening there. But I didn’t have time and don’t want to do it now that I’ve been eating and drinking. Maybe next week I will. Or maybe I’ll just wait till next month. It doesn’t matter because I can tell by the way I’m fitting into old clothes that I’m losing inches too.

DateChangeWeightBMIPlank time
March 5, 2014207.432.625.78
March 12-3.2204.232.1
March 19-3201.231.6
March 26-0.220131.5
April 2-219931.233.53
April 9-1.4197.630.9
April 16+0.6198.231
April 23-2.6195.630.6
April 30-4.4191.229.935.48
May 8-1.4189.829.7
May 14-1.2188.629.5
May 21-1.2187.429.3
May 28-1.2186.229.2
June 4-0.1186.129.1
June 11+1.7187.829.4
June 18-.4187.429.3
June 25-1.4186.029.1
July 2-1.4184.628.9
July 9-1.2183.428.7
July 16+3.2186.629.2

21 pounds – BOOM!!!



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