Progress report #5

April 9, 2014

Still going strong! Another 1.4 pounds down this week. Usually by this point in a diet (5 weeks) I’m starting to struggle, and then by week 8 I’ve given up altogether. That’s not happening this time. Rather, I feel like I’ve hit a groove.

This “diet,” or rather new way of life, is easier to follow than anything I’ve tried before. I have not had so much as stomach growl since I started, although I do still fight cravings that have nothing to do with hunger. But that’s a consequence of my unhealthy relationship with food for the last 20-some years. It will take time to completely overcome those urges, if ever. However, I’m dealing with them and Nutrisystem’s desserts help a lot in that regard. I don’t feel like I’m being deprived of “sinful” snacks; I just eat them in moderation now.

I’ll admit getting all the vegetables in is still a challenge, though. I’ve been having a big salad with my Nutrisystem lunch, and while I enjoy salad, having one every day is a little boring. I’m considering drinking my vegetables by blending every other day as a way to break up the monotony, as well as having more cooked with dinner instead. Being a definite NON-cook, that won’t be easy, but then nothing worth having is easy. So I’m going to knuckle down and do it.

I’m still active on the Nutrisystem discussion boards as a way to help keep myself motivated and learn from others how to be successful. There are tons of people on the boards who not only reached their weight loss goals but are also keeping it off. Yes, there are lots of restarters, too, but I’m learning how to develop habits that will keep me in the former group once I reach my own goal.

See the table below for my progress, and stay tuned throughout my journey. Please feel free to share your story in the comments as well!

Plank time
March 5, 2014207.432.625.78
March 12-3.2204.232.1
March 19-3201.231.6
March 26-0.220131.5
April 2-219931.233.53
April 9-1.4197.630.9
April 16+0.6198.231
April 23-2.6195.630.6
April 30-4.4191.229.935.48
May 8-1.4189.829.7
May 14-1.2188.629.5
May 21-1.2187.429.3
May 28-1.2186.229.2
June 4-0.1186.129.1
June 11+1.7187.829.4
June 18-.4187.429.3
June 25-1.4186.029.1
July 2-1.4184.628.9
July 9-1.2183.428.7
July 16+3.2186.629.2


10 pounds – BOOM!!!

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