Starting over (again!)

March 26, 2012

Hey all, I’m back!

As you may have noticed, this blog has been kind of dark for a while (Hello-ello-ello-ello! Anybody there-ere-ere-ere?) while I reevaluated my entire approach to weight loss and fitness. I just didn’t feel like it was honest to come here and try to help motivate others until I had my own head on straight and could motivate myself.

I now have a new diet and exercise plan. The abridged version is simply this:





More details will follow over the next few days if you prefer the unabridged version. :-)

A couple of things in my life have finally fallen into place so that I do feel ready now to tackle this again, just in a different way. One is that I have simplified my work situation in such a way that I am not spread so thin trying to do a million things at once. I find it very hard to put any concentrated, consistent effort into getting fit when I feel like I’m herding cats in other areas of life. I just can’t multitask like I used to.

I hated to put my health on the back burner, but I had a lot of work projects going on at once and was being pulled in a hundred different directions. Some of those projects were very stressful and I just had to let something drop. So I’ve been letting my fitness plan simmer in the back of my mind over the last few months. I carefully considered and then discarded several options that I didn’t think would work for me. I just sort of let everything I know about myself and about fitness percolate together until a cohesive vision of my physical future emerged.

The other thing that has worked itself out is the fact that now my husband’s approach to diet is finally congruent with my own. Not that we were diametrically opposed to each other food-wise, but our eating habits were different enough to mess me up; I’d invariably start eating the way he was during times when he wasn’t being as strict as I was.

Those two things—work and husband—are both big changes now that have brought me to the point where I am ready to dive in again. I don’t know whether I’ll be successful this time, but I know for sure that I won’t be successful if I don’t try again.

As I mentioned, over the next few days, I’ll post in detail about each aspect of my new approach. Feel free to subscribe using the yellow button at left if you want to read about it but are afraid you’ll forget to come back. :-)

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