Thoughts on Weigh Day Eve #4

June 9, 2011

I’m not sure what to expect tomorrow. But I do know the scale is messing with my head as it always has. So I’m going to try not to focus on that.

Tomorrow is 4 weeks since I began this journey, and it will be the first time since then that I’ve taken my measurements. It’s possible that they will not have changed either, which will be disappointing, but they almost have to have shrunk a little since I can actually use the second hole on my belt if I want to. I don’t want to, because I can’t breathe, but hey, it’s an option in theory.

If the news isn’t good, I can console myself with the discovery that I have been breaking a few Atkins rules (or at least bending them pretty badly), which may explain my lack of progress. So I’ll go sit in the corner for a while and then I’ll try to follow it more closely, and maybe next week will be better.

See you tomorrow!

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