Thoughts on Weigh Day Eve #5

June 16, 2011

I’m feeling more positive as weigh day approaches this week. I’m not going to make any kind of prediction because they’re so often wrong, but I feel like I’ve done better this week and should see some numerical progress.

I know I can’t stay at this weight level too much longer with how hard I’ve been working, both in the exercise department and in the diet department. Regardless of whether I’ve bent any rules in the Atkins Induction phase or not, I know I’m still eating way fewer calories and carbs than I used to and burning a lot more with the exercise. So the weight can’t stall forever.

I have a long way to go but time is flying by. I’ve been at this for 5 weeks already—very glad I didn’t wait until “things calm down” because they still haven’t and never do!

My latest project is creating some motivational posters that I can print out and hang up in rooms where I spend a lot of time. I’ll make them available on the site soon too. See you tomorrow!

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