Try, try again

March 5, 2014

If you’ve noticed that this blog has all but disappeared from the blogosphere (there’s an awkward word), you may have wondered what happened in my eternal quest for weight loss. I have to shamefacedly admit, I have not been doing well. At all. Not only have I not lost weight, I have gained weight. Again.

So I stayed away from I felt like a hypocrite posting motivational thoughts on this site when I wasn’t using them to fuel my own weight loss efforts.

I just couldn’t get excited about posting here when I was failing so miserably. Interestingly, I wrote a post very much like this one about two years ago.

However, after many, many months of agonizing over how I was going to get back on track, I’ve made the decision to try Nutrisystem. It’s something I looked into about 20 years ago when I hit my then all-time-high of 173 (oh, to be 173 again…), but it was far too expensive for me then. It’s not like I have money to burn now, but I can make it work financially and it’s going to be worth every penny to me if it works. I figure ending up in the hospital from a heart attack or stroke would be way more expensive!

Two things keep coming to mind as I contemplate this new journey:

1) I am confident it will work. While the diets in the world fall all along the spectrum between good and bad, realistic and unrealistic, sustainable and non-sustainable, it actually comes down to calories in the end. This program will limit my calories for me. No guessing, no counting. So I know that if I stick to it and DO NOT CHEAT, I will lose the weight.

2) It has to work, because this is my last chance. Okay, I know that’s kind of an overstatement. It’s not like I will be unable to lose weight after age 50 (I’m 48 now). But the more time that goes by, the harder it will get. This feels like a last resort to me, to be honest. But maybe that’s good. I can’t fail at this because there are no healthy options left that I haven’t tried.

Today is Day #1. I received my shipment of the first month or so of food yesterday. It’s a big heavy box, but this morning when I opened my breakfast muffin, it was rather…tiny. It scared me. I seriously considered eating the wrapper too for some extra fiber! How am I going to do this if I’m hungry? But my husband encouraged me to think positively, and he’s right.

So I had two glasses of water, the muffin (which I nibbled on slowly to make it last), and a cup of coffee, and I’m still feeling fine almost two hours later. Soon I will have the morning snack of an EnergiZING Shake, and lunch won’t be far behind. So far, so good! I know my portions before were way, way out of control. I’m sure I will adjust to eating only what my body needs for fuel.

The bottom line is: I’m excited! I think this could really change things for me. I’d rather lose the weight on my own for free, but hey, that wasn’t working. I need this assistance, at least to get started, and I’m going to give it all I’ve got. I’ll share my journey with you, and please feel free to share yours as well in the comments.

We can do this! Roar!!!!!!

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