Weekly Weigh Day #11: Finally a breakthrough!

July 29, 2011

After about a month and a half of bouncing around the same number, I’ve finally lost a decent amount again:

-5.5 pounds

Yay! Double yay! At last, something to feel good about. This weight loss in fits and starts is mostly frustrating, sometimes exciting, but regardless of how it happens, at least it’s happening. I’m content with that.

I think weight loss usually seemed more consistent to me in the past because I used to only weigh in once a month when on a fitness regiment, or even not at all. This weekly business is no picnic. The fluctuations are too obvious.

For instance, if I had only been weighing every fourth week since May 13, I would have seen this:

(and whatever I am next week, which is hopefully in the very low 170s)

Pretty awesome, right?

Weekly, however, has looked a lot less encouraging—see the chart in the right sidebar to see what I mean. But either way, the overall trend is still down, and that’s a good thing.

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