Weekly Weigh Day #12: Getting used to the plateaus

August 5, 2011

No change on the scale this week, but I’m getting used to that:

+/- 0 pounds

Apparently, the way my body is reacting to my fitness regimen is to bounce around the same number for a few weeks and then show a big loss, bounce around, show a loss. I just have to hang on through the “plateaus,” knowing my body will eventually catch up. The weeks in between the losses aren’t getting me down as much anymore.

I can report another small NSV (non-scale victory): The second notch on my belt feels like the first one used to (too loose), and now I can use the third one. Problem is, I’m still wearing the same jeans, so they’re a little bunchy because they’re actually too big now. So the overall effect is not as slimming as I’d like. But soon I’ll be discarding these and moving into the next size down and then it’ll look better.

Also, check out my progress here to see what the tape measure showed this morning!

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