Weekly Weigh Day #13: Uh-oh

August 12, 2011

So my cheating has caught up with me:

+2 pounds

But it could have been worse. I have company most of this month, and that’s what’s been making it hard, both to get a workout in and to avoid temptation by the meals I prepare. So I’ve been adjusting my expectations as to what I’m going to be able to accomplish this month.

I’ll have to work on getting rid of this extra couple pounds and then I’ll need to be content with simply maintaining for the next couple of weigh-ins. Once September begins and life is somewhat back to normal, whatever that is, I’ll be able to put the focus back on fitness.

I know there are ways to deal with company and other schedule disruptions while still losing weight, but in my particular situation, it’s too much to think about right now. I’ll just do my best to hold my ground!

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