Weekly Weigh Day #14: Having some trouble here…

August 20, 2011

I am on a downward spiral, which in this case is known as an upward spiral:

+1.5 pounds

My excuse is that I’ve had company for two weeks and will for another week yet, and it’s just so bloomin’ hard to eat my own low-carb way while cooking regular food for everyone else.

However, I don’t feel like giving up. I am going to try extra hard to keep things under a semblance of control for the rest of this month, and then I fully intend to get back to the Atkins induction plan and regular exercise after that.

Speaking of exercise, I have been more active than usual, getting outside and not spending nearly as much time at the computer, so I’m probably burning far more calories than I normally would, so that’s a plus.

So this is not the end of my fitness goals; it’s just a slight detour. I knew things like this would happen, so I’m taking it in stride and not panicking.

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