Weekly Weigh Day #2: Boo hoo

May 27, 2011

This week, the news was not so good. There was no change whatsoever on the scale.

+/- 0

I’m not sure what happened, other than possibly what I mentioned in my last post about not getting enough calories. Maybe my body’s already starting to hold on to the fat in case I continue to give it less than it needs.

Another possibility is that my scale is broken, and I’m only half joking about that. It showed 180.0, exactly the same as last week, and it seems unlikely that it would be the same, to a tenth of a point. I’m going to check my weight at the local clinic on Monday and bring my own scale along to see how they compare. Then I’ll know whether this is a technical glitch or a “diet” glitch.

Either way, though, the plan is onward and upward. I got about 1,600 calories today, so that’s a good thing. Catch you later!

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