Weekly Weigh Day #22: Okay, I’ll admit it…

October 18, 2011

…I’m struggling. I didn’t weigh myself last Friday, the 14th. It’s been a tough couple months and I haven’t been a very good girl when it comes to what I consume each day.

+/- ?

So I just couldn’t bear to step on the scale, knowing I would likely see another gain. You would think this public accountability thing would be enough to keep me on track, or at least get me back on track after a slip-up, but right now it’s not enough.

I still feel confident that I can do this—but I need to get back on the horse sooner rather than later. I was rummaging through my closet and running my hands over all the lovely things I can wear once I lose this weight, and that was definitely motivating. I may need to spend more time in my closet, because it seems that it is one of my strongest motivators. Maybe I should move my desk into it so I remain motivated all day!

Well, I apologize for falling down on the job. I hope you will stick around, though, and keep me accountable. I can’t give up!

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