Weekly Weigh Day #4: Ho-hum progress is still progress

June 10, 2011

Well, not a whole lot to get excited about, but I’ll take it:

-1 pound

I’m back down to 181, which is actually 10 pounds less than I was in March, so I can’t really complain about that.

That means overall I’ve lost two of these bad boys:

5-pound bag of potatoes5-pound bag of potatoes

The better news is that I lost a couple of inches: 1.25 in my waist and .75 in my hips. My neck, bust, arms, thighs, and calves remain the same, but I’d rather lose it in the belly first anyway, so that’s okay.

-2 inches

This next week I’m going to keep working hard and make some adjustments to my diet. It may be that I am more affected by sugar alcohols than others, which don’t count in the net carbs according to the Atkins plan, but may count for me. I also will cut my diet soda back down to only once or twice a week as a treat instead of every day. And I need to watch for sugar more carefully; I’ve discovered that a couple of the things I was eating have the insidious stuff, only under different names.

I’m also going to get together with a friend and have an “Atkins baking day” so as to give myself some variety and make it easier to stick to Induction longer. Overall, I’m going to think positive and be optimistic about each week as it comes.

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