Weekly Weigh Day #7: Holding steady

July 1, 2011

Not much to report today—I have remained at the same weight as last week. This is going agonizingly slowly at times, but I know that’s probably for the best.

+/- 0 pounds

At least I didn’t gain. I probably should have, because I know I ate more than I needed to eat yesterday. Not sure why I had a mini-binge, but it’s over now and it’s not happening again today.

Some positives: A while back, I had asked a friend to mend the zipper on a pair of pants I got for free at a secondhand store. They were a little too tight to wear at the time, but I figured they were free, so what did I have to lose? I recently got them back and they fit! Just in time, because my favorite pair of jeans are starting to wear pretty thin from all the stress I’ve subjected them to. :)

Also, I can feel that my leg muscles are firming up. My calves especially don’t “flap” as much as they used to. And my clavicle is about to make a reappearance; the layer of fat on top of it isn’t quite as thick.

So—onward and downward!

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