Weekly Weigh Days #15, #16, and #17: Good news, bad news, and so-so news

September 9, 2011

So…..obviously I’ve been remiss in doing these updates on time, sorry about that! It was a busy summer, but things are starting to calm down. For the good news, my weigh-in two weeks ago showed a loss:

- 2.5 pounds

Last week, the news was bad. Very bad.

+ 5.5 pounds

And today, the news is so-so:

+/- 0 pounds

It’s no mystery why this is happening—I’ve fallen completely off the wagon. Not in the sense that I’ve given up, but I have let company, travel, and just plain busy-ness get in the way of my exercise regimen and good eating habits.

But before I regain everything I’ve lost, I’m going to get back on track. It’s tough because I’m once again hooked on carbs, but it must be done. I hope that by next Friday, I will have good news to report.

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